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Useful but lesser known Kendo terms from the AJKF Kendo Dictionary

  This excellent book (2020 edition) is currently unavailable from the AJKF website due to COVID restrictions on mail from Japan. Fingers crossed it can be shipped soon. In the meantime, here are a list of useful and lesser know words for the Kendo nerd (剣道オタク) to memorise and drop into conversation whenever appropriate... :D jukurensha 熟錬者 n.-  person who has amassed a lot of skill through years of training kawasu かわす v. - to avoid the opponent's attack whilst remaining ready to act amasu あます v. - to perceive an intention to strike and then to calmly step back as the opponent attacks, thereby nullifying their attack. atouchi 後打ち n. - striking your opponent after they have already scored, often in frustration kisen 機先 n. - the moment an opponent's intent to attack becomes clear. kisen-o-seisuru 機先を制する, to suppress their attack at this point. ki o miru 機を見る v. - to perceive the moment your opponent's intention becomes manifested  utase kata 打たせ方 n. - to help a more junior

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